Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What's in the news?

Let's see what each station did for their 6 p.m. newscast today. If I missed any stories, let me know.

  • George Curry football ads
  • Luzerne County voting
  • Hazelton shooting
  • Park vandalism
  • West Pittston fire
  • Pocono Township fire
  • Wyoming County fire
  • I-80 traffic in Luzerne County
  • Child aafety seats
  • Downtown Scranton development
  • Obvious Valentine's Day story

  • Luzerne County voting
  • Lackawanna County voting
  • Winfield arsons
  • Pocono Township fire
  • Rt. 309 crash
  • Sugar Notch vandals
  • Guys who broke into cars
  • Stealing from Mom (Happy Valentine's Day!)

  • Downtown Scranton development
  • Lackawanna County voting
  • Some sort of study (I didn't catch all of it)
  • Montage Mountain naming rights
  • Rt. 309 crash + safety
  • Sugar Notch vandals

    As usual, WNEP packed the stories into their first block, with WBRE and WYOU doing longer stories. You had your usual mix of fires and crashes, but I was surprised to see only one station did anything on Valentine's Day. Then again, Valentine's Day stories are about as fresh as those "reporter gets tazered" stories.

    WYOU had a strong story to lead their newscast, especially since they are still the go-to station for Scranton news. WNEP buried it later in the newscast, and WBRE obviously didn't touch it.

    In all, just your standard everyday newscast for each station.

    Blogger D.B. Echo said...

    I don't think there are nearly enough "reporter gets tazaered" stories being done. I would also appreciate some "meteorologist/weatherman gets tazered" pieces. And, when they choose to focus on trivial, silly stories and ignore important ones, "news director gets tazered."

    7:23 AM  

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