Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mini Bites

Attention angry Christians: you can stop bugging Paul Stueber. NBC has essentially cancelled "The Book of Daniel," a show about a pill-popping priest with a dysfunctional family, after right-wing Christian groups (predictably) got upset. Nexstar stations WTWO and KARK were among the seven that initially refused to air it. Now the only thing Stueber needs to worry about are the resume tapes from WBNG.

Sick of those PBS pledge drives getting in the way of your favorite British comedy? A PBS affiliate in upstate New York has put an end to on-air pitches. Their CEO decided that interrupting someone's favorite programming was a bad idea. In lieu of pitching, the station bought a television production company to help make some money. I wouldn't expect WVIA to follow suit, if only because no other station has done this, and only time will tell how successful it is.

The struggling WB and UPN network are merging into something called The CW. Already, some individual WB and UPN affiliates have been told they'll lose their affiliations, including flagship UPN station WWOR in New York. It'll be interesting to see how NEPA's WB affiliate, WSWB, will fare.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice. Let the PBS station start doing video production. It still gets government grant money. Public money will be used to compete with the private sector. This will take a bite out of the commercial stations and the other production companies in Syracuse.

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How's this going to take a bite out of the other Syracuse stations? Commercial stations rarely go head to head against public broadcasters because they air completely different things.

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The public station will fight with the commercial statins to produce commercials and videos. The commercial station has a leg up because it gets hand outs ($) from the government. It's an unfair advantage, and it shouldn't be tolerated.

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noble idea that just won't work. There isn't that much production work in any market and while the stations need to raise x dollars a year in fund drives, other dollars come in from renewing members, which will drop off.

As far as pbs statons having a leg up due to federal dollars, what about the tax breaks commerical companies get all the time? I would bet in the end it all evens out...

12:34 PM  

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