Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Promotions abound

  • As is the case with many salespeople, WNEP sales manager Lou Abitabilo has been promoted to station manager/exec. vice president. Before coming to Moosic in 2001, he plied his trade at respective NBC and Fox O&Os WNBC and WNYW.

  • All-news radio station WKOK has promoted asst. news director Matt Paul to news director. The position had been vacant ever since former news director Peggy Chamberlain left a year ago.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It's too bad WKOK fired Peggy Chamberlain. She had a real sense for news, and scooped WGRC and WNEP on plenty of stories.

    And yet, management gave her the axe. Do you know why? She wrote a story for the Daily Item. Apparently Roger Haddon was plenty upset, and decided to fire her.

    You know what's really funny? WKOK and the Daily Item frequently swap stories now. So something tells me that Sunbury Broadcasting was trolling for a reason to fire Peggy...

    It's a shame. It really is.

    1:57 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Peggy wasn't fired - Y recruited her. It was an easy choice because of the disfunctional management at SBC. She decided she wanted to go play with the grown-ups.

    Fly on the Wall

    2:51 PM  

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