Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sizing up the news

I haven't done one of these in a while, so let's compare today's noon newscasts. Here's how the first block shaped up...

  • School reaction to Mia Diaz accident
  • Mia Diaz vigil
  • Atlas fire
  • Roadway job cuts
  • Dog attack
  • Alito hearings
  • Kidnapped journalist in Iraq
  • Ariel Sharon condition
  • North Korea meets with China
  • South Korea rejects U.S. beef

  • Church burglaries
  • Motel murder
  • Car arson
  • Drug treatment court
  • Crestwood talks
  • Mia Diaz vigil
  • Alito hearings

    WNEP's news broadcasts can be described like a clown car (hold the Snedeker jokes). They pack plenty of stories into a short amount of time. And today? No surprise there. I wonder why there was so much coverage to the Mia Diaz story? Perhaps it's a way to add a human touch to the accident. That, or an excuse to use the existing video of her from a previous story. It was nice to see WNEP not lead a newscast with "FIRE!" or "MURDER!" or "CRASHES!"

    "Pennsylvania Midday" lacked the traditional lead-off on a national story, which is good. I've previously questioned using national stories as a lead (unless it's major), because this is local news. WBRE/WYOU's stories are slightly longer than WNEP's, which can be a good thing. I hate watching an anchor throw a sentence at me and then move on to another story, as if my attention span is shorter than oh hey a chicken.


    I think both newscasts did something right today. WNEP held off on their so-called "crashwatch" content, and WBRE/WYOU kept NBC Newschannel's Brian Mooar at the end of the first block.

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