Thursday, January 26, 2006

Love stinks

WBRE is attempting to answer a question that has left even our brighest scholars befuddled: what do women want? Say hello to the station's Valentine's Day promotion, where women can tell the station what they'd really like from their men, and the worst Valentine's Day gifts they've received. WBRE will even send a "Secret Cupid" e-mail to let the man in your life know what you want for Valentine's Day.

Anyone see the problem here? Any guy who gets one of these "Secret Cupid" e-mails will automatically know it's from his wife or girlfriend. But if your man can't figure out the sender's identity, who knows? He might be dumb, or cheating on you with a lot of women. In that case, I'm sure Maury Povich would like you on his show.


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