Monday, February 20, 2006

Mini Bites

The WBRE/WYOU channel switch on Service Electric was part of their retransmission fee deal with Nexstar Broadcasting. GM John Dittmeier thinks it's a good thing, since channels two and three "are subject to more interference" in picture quality. Too bad he didn't address the embarassment of WYOU being replaced with the freaking TV Guide channel.

WSWB is sounding optimistic about its future as a potential CW affiliate. You may know that the WB and UPN networks are merging this year, and affiliates are anxious to hear whether they'll be picked. GM John Cadman is hopeful, since there's no UPN affiliate in this market. Why the closed doors then?

The circumstances surrounding Paul Stueber's firing are still a mystery, but if the posted comments here are any indication, people either love or hate him. It's clear that Stueber has rubbed a few people the wrong way, but if you can show me a news director who never gets upset, then I'll eat my shoes. And if you have any new info about what happened, please e-mail me. Confidentiality assured!

Finally, I'm going to take a break this week. It's time to upgrade my computer to something that goes faster than a snail. Or maybe management discovered my identity! Oh no! I'll still be checking the comment queue to approve/reject things, and if anything important happens, I'll update the blog somehow.


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