Monday, April 24, 2006

Transcripts do not equal viewers

I've talked about Nexstar's reluctance (or general apathy) towards putting together more-informative websites for WBRE and WYOU. Why don't we put some real numbers to things? Alexa, which ranks websites based on its popularity, ranked WNEP, WBRE, and WYOU as such:

1. - 34,803
2. - 464,495
3. - 1,003,323

(Smaller numbers equal more popularity)

The numbers confirm what everyone knows. WNEP puts a lot into its website, and it pays off. Their stories are always updated, and sometimes accompany video. WNEP even has a higher Alexa ranking than KYW-TV, a network O&O.

WBRE and WYOU? "Here's a verbatim transcript of the story!" Sorry guys, but if I want transcripts, I'll buy 'em from Burrelle's.


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