Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It had to happen...

Someone has threatened to sue me over comments posted here on Beale's Bites.

I won't get into specifics, but this person wasn't happy about being mentioned on the blog. Thus, legal action was threatened. For all I know, this person could be full of shit, but when you're in my position, you can't afford to take that chance.

Bad comments are something I hoped moderation would solve. While I've been lax at times in moderating comments, it has worked. Sadly, there are some in this market who feel they must drag everyone's name through the mud. As the saying goes, it can be hard separating the wheat from the chaff.

What now? I've disabled comments, and I'm considering my options. Do I continue to stick my neck out by posting my thoughts and opinions? Do I disable comments from now on? Or do I throw in the towel and walk away?

I don't know.

If you've got any ideas, send me an e-mail.