Sunday, June 17, 2007

Grading the Video: WYOU

Here's the final critique in the "Grading the Video" series.

Bar Shooting
Any efforts to prove WBRE and WYOU are separate entities were shot in this story, as Laurie Monteforte's mic had a WBRE logo. Oh well. That said, the video in this story was average. We had police officers walking around a crime scene, and other outside shots of the bar. Final grade: B-

Bus Fire
You can't get much better on a story about a bus fire, than by seeing the burned-out bus itself. Final grade: A

Overrun Shelter
Video of cats in a shelter...well, that's what the story was about. Final grade: B-

It's a story about people running around Wilkes-Barre, and that's what we saw. Eh, nothing exciting really. Final grade: B-

Father's Day
It was an interesting take on Father's Day, with dads and sons spending the day piloting model airplanes. and that's what we saw in th video. Final grade: B

Car Show
Unexciting video of a car show. Eh. Final grade: C+

Unexciting video of people swimming. Another "Eh." Final grade: C+

Miner Dedication
There wasn't too much video to this story, just a statue of a miner. Yet another "Eh" response. Final grade: B-


Blogger D.B. Echo said...

WYOU and WBRE weren't quite sharing everything at the end of February, at least.

When my friends and I were cut from Cinram back at the end of February, we all piled into a bar in downtown Olyphant and spent the rest of the day there. After a while various news organizations must've gotten the message and started showing up. WBRE was first, and they got the interview, since were weren't too drunk yet. But by the time WNEP showed up, we refused to go on camera on the grounds that we might say something we would regret. We talked shop with the folks from WNEP about digibetacams and the like, and they told us that all of their video is recorded without tapes of any sort. Kewl.

When the hapless one-man-band from WYOU showed up much later we were even less willing to chat, and we told him that we had given an interview to his cousins from WBRE, and couldn't he just get that? He said that they would have the tape in Wilkes-Barre by now, and he needed it in Scranton. We razzed him that WNEP doesn't even use tapes anymore. Well, that was me. I had been drinking for quite a while at that point.

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