Friday, February 24, 2006


Yes, the blog is still alive. Too bad it will take a week to have my new cable modem activated. Until then, Beale's Bites comes to you via my SLOW modem. Now then, to the content...

Reporters in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton are sometimes given a stipend for makeup. (Anchors get hair AND makeup. Yee haw.) It's not much, but it will at least provide the pancake makeup that's been the staple of every newsroom desk. Now, with HDTV, it looks like station GMs may have to up that stipend.

Well, that's what this cosmetics manufacturer is hoping. Kett Cosmetics is producing a line of makeup designed especially for use on HDTV. The pitch here is that HDTV will magnify any imperfection, and the old standby of pancake makeup won't cut it any more.

When I started out in this business, the only thing I worried about was learning from my mistakes and trying to pay my bills with my craptacular salary. I won't envy that fresh-out-of-school reporter who now has to add "COVER UP EVERY BLEMISH FOR HDTV" to their laundry list. Yes, when you're on television, you should look presentable. But instead of worrying about HDTV makeup, let's instead focus on making sure these new reporters can actually write a good story.

Network news operations (and the large market outfits) will probably go nuts over this makeup. Smaller markets, like Wilkes-Barre/Scranton? Probably not. Looks are fine and dandy, but viewers here tend to care more about seeing a familiar face than seeing a pretty face.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, just damn. No more than a month ago I said to a colleague, "It won't be long before someone makes a million marketing make-up for HD, including running workshops, seminars, blah, blah, blah."

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