Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Burglars, oranges, and economic development

Here's a look at what WNEP, WBRE, and WYOU ran during their first blocks on their 6 p.m. newscasts tonight. It's possible I missed something while switching between all three channels, so let me know if I did.

  • Wayne County burglaries (with live standup)
  • Williamsport shooting
  • Army military tribunal
  • WolfHawk custody dispute
  • Mountain Home candle fire
  • Truck fire in Poconos
  • Beetle infestation in Clinton County (with live standup)
  • Rendell energy summit
  • Brief weather update
  • Dupont tackle shop closing doors

  • How citrus crop problems will affect OJ prices (with live standup)
  • Diesel prices affecting central PA food bank
  • Finding ways to save money (with live standup)
  • Christmas job rush
  • Mountain Home candle fire
  • Sex offender arrest
  • WolfHawk custody dispute
  • Retired voting machines

  • Scranton development
  • Mountain Home candle fire
  • Dickson City purse snatcher
  • Sex offender arrest
  • WolfHawk custody dispute
  • Using time off to help hurricane victims

    Once again, WNEP manages to cram more into its first block, going to commercials after WYOU (first) and WBRE (second). They chose to lead off with crime and fire (including a too-long package on the candle factory fire), and then got around to Norm Jones' interesting story on the beetle infestation in Clinton County. Thank God that's not happening in my area! After a quick recap of the governor's energy summit in Archbald, we get some weather, and the obligatory "Awwwww" human interest story.

    Do you like orange juice? WBRE hopes you do, otherwise their lead story on how local OJ prices could go up was all for naught. After a short mention of diesel prices affecting a local food bank, consumer reporter Elliot Weiler starts his series on how you can save money through simple methods. Now, because Christmas is less than two months away, WBRE wants to remind you that shopping malls are putting out decorations and looking for seasonal help! Then, we get video of the candle factory fire, video of a sex offender being hauled to the paddy wagon, a mention of the WolfHawk saga, and why you won't see those behemoth voting machines anymore.

    I know WYOU no longer bills itself as "Lackawanna County's News Source," but after looking at this newscast, it's hard to say otherwise. With one exception, these stories are definitely NEPA-centric. First, David DeCosmo tells us about downtown development in Scranton. Everyone else is mentioning the candle factory fire, and so will WYOU. The laugh of the night comes from the dumbfounded look of the purse snatcher. A bit about the WolfHawks, and how your time off can help hurricane victims!

    My thoughts? WNEP was too high on disaster and crime, WBRE picked a bad lead story, and WYOU is still "Lackawanna County's News Source."

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You failed to mention how 'BRE had problems with its' lead OJ story and Joe Konopka. I mean, Jill Konopka.

    7:42 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It's a shame her audio crapped out. But a lead on orange juice? How typical of the news director who loves the bread-and-milk stories before a snow storm. Don't they realize this crap journalism doesn't "sell?"

    8:19 PM  
    Anonymous The Watcher said...

    I think WYOU had the best lead out of the three. The Scranton development story was informational and didn't sensationalize anything. I wouldn't expect anything less from David DeCosmo. He's one of the few "good guys" left in this place.

    8:33 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Yes, Dave DeCosmo is one of the only real journalists left in this business. He knows how to get through the "nuts and bolts" of a story without blowing things out of proportion.

    9:59 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    David also doesn't rock the boat. And he does exactly what the puppetmaster wants him to do.

    10:17 PM  
    Anonymous the watcher said...

    I'll tell you why DeCosmo doesn't rock the boat. Who's going to hire him if WYOU fires him? He's probably one of the best reporters in this market, but let's face it, some news director will see his looks and pass him over.

    Though I think DeCosmo would fare well at WNEP. He used to work there, and that station doesn't do enough Scranton coverage.

    10:50 PM  

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