Friday, June 02, 2006

Mini Bites

Here's a few odds and ends from the tipsters out there...

  • Former WYOU/WNEP anchorwoman Jane Adonizio is now working for local Fox affiliate WOLF, likely in production. Makes sense, since Adonizio does own her own production company.

  • There's additional details to Wednesday's story about former WBRE desk editor Ali Stevens' return to WKOK. According to several tipsters, management decided to welcome Stevens back by giving WKOK anchorwoman/WQKX morning show co-host Sara Lauver the boot. CORRECTION: Lauver tells me the decision to leave was mutual, since she had already found another job.

  • So much for Tube Talk. It appears Geri Anne Kaikowski's weekly-turned-monthly-turned-whenever column is dead. I guess the Citizens' Voice is too busy with its plans to buy the Times Leader and give news editor Matt Golas the boot.

  • When former WBRE consumer reporter Elliot Weiler heads to St. Louis this month, he'll have odd company. Fox O&O KTVI has a feature reporter named Smash. Yep.

    If you know of anything interesting out there in your newsroom, you can send your anonymous tips to me. Confidentiality assured.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    1) Jane's "production company" was likely a flop, as are most of these start-ups by former/current TV people. The work just isn't out there, it really is that simple. It's analagous to every individual who drinks thinking they can run a bar. It doesn't work that way...

    2) Kaikowski's column was an abomination. She was notorious for not only misquoting people, she actually would fabricate quotes from individuals. And she never brought an ounce balance to her columns; whatever management of any station told her, she printed. She also played favorites and held grudges. IMO, a very frustrated wannabe. And a horrid writer.

    3) Not only is Weiler not yet replaced, there aren't even any candidates being considered for the job. WBRE's consumer unit could be one big old dead deal.

    10:21 PM  
    Blogger Tom Carten said...

    So much for Tube Talk. It appears Geri Anne Kaikowski's weekly-turned-monthly-turned-whenever column is dead.

    * * *
    Did you hear this from a tipster, or just from observation? Her latest column, about Phil Y, was on the back entertainment page last Friday and fairly lenghty. Could not run in her usual spot and was timely, so it pre-empted my column (which was not timely) and ran where mine does. If you were looking in her normal spot, you would have missed it.

    12:16 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Good for Jane Adonizio!

    As for Geri Anne, perhaps her editor(s) finally realized she doesn't understand television. Geri Anne managed to misspell names even though chyron displayed them daily for all to see.

    12:23 AM  
    Blogger Howard Beale said...

    Tom, do you know if her columns are online? The last time her column was on the CV's website was back in January. Maybe the CV doesn't post Kaikowski's column online anymore?

    4:01 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    In a way, I feel sorry for Jane. She tired, but it probably failed. The thing is, there is work out there (unlike what the first post says) the problem is, you need connections to make that happen. Your name won't just do it.

    I worked with Weiler once in awhile, he was a great guy. Gonna miss him at WBRE.

    7:01 AM  
    Blogger Tom Carten said...

    Howard asked:
    Tom, do you know if her columns are online? Maybe the CV doesn't post Kaikowski's column online anymore?

    * * *

    I'll ask. I don't even know if mine still are, as I don't check; I just write 'em and e-mail 'em in. I do know that I got in quite a flap with some Perry Como admiration society way out of state after I wrote that he was one of three really good male singers. Apparently his fan club feels that Sinatra and Bennett are little more than croaking frogs in a swamp.

    10:40 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    My all time favorite Kaikowski
    boob-move was how she repeatedly reported that Barry Finn's departure from WYOU was by mutual agreement. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Oh, yeah, "Tube Talk" sure is a relevant name for a column in 2006, don't you think?

    12:11 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I don't believe SBC gave Sara Lauver the boot. I've heard it was a mutual agreement after Sara had plans to move to NYC. According to their website...and i think this is Ali's third working for the company.

    10:26 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    CORRECTION: Lauver tells me the decision to leave was mutual, since she had already found another job.

    I know neither the woman nor the situation. I do, however, always wonder about this mutual thing. Someone had to make a decision; the one leaving had to decide to go, or the company decided that person should go. If it's the latter, you were fired. If the former, you quit. What are the odds you'd both come to the conclusion at the exact same time?

    4:07 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    Did you notice Jane Adonizio filling-in for Brian Hughes on the Frankie-Warren show on 92.9.?? She sounded out of her element. One person happy about her radio-job is her husband--- she doenn't have any photographers to go after...

    5:18 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Leave Jane alone, for Christ's sake. I know her and have talked to her recently. It's obvious most of you don't know anything about her or her business or her husband or why she took the job at Fox. Why the f*** are you people so cruel. I think she suffered enough in several work-related and personal situations. Way to support a former colleague

    9:01 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Jane was a stone cold bitch when I worked with her. Her production company has been around for sometime. It's more so for braging rights then for real cash flow. Take a good look at the photos of her and her video camera in the company's press kits. Serious videographers & real production companies we'll cry/laugh at the equipment she's posing with.

    Nexstar should burn down WBRE / WYOU (too bad the building is made of brick and concrete... ok maybe lets wish for a bigger flood then Agnes that goes higher than the first floor), take the insurance money and run... let 16 pick up the affilates... and become the first "trioply".

    8:47 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The work is not out there, mostly because you can now set yourself up in the production biz for around ten grand, as opposed to the nearly hundred grand it cost a short ten or so years ago. Buy a Mac, a three chip Canon, some software, and you're in business. Therefore, we now have an abundance of "production companies" out there scratching in the dirt trying to make a buck. And I doubt Jane(and a dozen others)make a buck. Actually, I liked Jane a great deal.

    1:44 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Jane is still SMOKING HOT. Sorry Mr Adonizio.

    1:11 AM  

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