Saturday, July 07, 2007

A friendly reminder

The "NEPA negativity, revisited" thread seemed to bring out the worst in people, and in retrospect, there are some comments there I probably shouldn't have approved. So, I believe it's time for a refresher in what's not allowed.

1. Unfounded personal attacks

To borrow words from a Supreme Court justice, I can't define what a personal attack is, but I know one when I see one.

2. Rudeness or obscenity

If you can't post without a stream of words that would make a sailor blush, then don't do it.

3. Anything involving a person's personal life

We're here to discuss broadcast journalism, not what someone does on their own time. Go read one of the gossip columns in the local "alternative" newspapers, or head over to Talkback 16 to speculate about hair color.

4. Speculation about who posts here

Most posts here are anonymous for a good reason. Please respect a person's decision to be anonymous.

Let's keep it civil, OK?